Later than I planned

      So I'm up later than I planned. I tried a recipe I found on the facebook and thought, wow, with some tweaking, I could use that recipe to make some home made power bars. It's taking longer to cook and cool them than I thought but they taste pretty good. I'll let you know later how they turn out. It has given me some time to reflect on the past few days.

     I saw an incredible rainbow today. We had a very cloudy, yet rainfree day here in central Maine. I was on the water and looked up at about where the sun would be and there were two huge rainbow circles, one inside the other, around the sun. There was a horizontal rainbow across the top of the circle and another rainbow intersecting all of them coming in from the top. On either side of the big circle, at around 3 and 9, the rainbows seemed to explode in giant prisms. It was an incredible sight. And before anyone starts to wonder if I was seeing things or under the influence of something, I wasn't and there was another witness so I wasn't imagining things.

     If that wasn't incredible enough, on the way home we say a bear. I know, bear-schmare, you live in the state with the highest black bear populations. Crazy thing is, the Maine black bears are really reclusive, not like the bold garbage-eating bears of the Poconos. It's rare to see a bear in Maine, especially in populated areas by the road. 

     So what does this have to do with music? Nothing, maybe, as a song encompassing all these things has yet to pop into my head. Maybe it will over the next few days. I think I could write a song about the amazing things that happen if you notice them. Some really cool things appear in your peripheral vision if you allow yourself to notice them. 

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