September in Maine seems to be the nicest month. I went out for a good mountain bike ride around Farmington today and then went snorkeling in Clearwater Lake, or Pond, or whichever you want to call it. It was choppy so no one else was around. The coolest thing I saw today was a school of trout. For those of you that know me, I have an angling dream. It's to catch a trout. SImple, right? I wished I'd had my fishing rod. I was snorkeling on an old rockpile, pretty far off shore, and I loooked down and saw the trout, maybe twenty of them. The water is still pretty warm so I was a little taken aback. I dove down and swam with them for awhile, then wandered off. Picked up some golf balls and then wander back to look at them again. It was nice to hover and then dive and follow them around, so simple yet very relaxing. 
     I also came across the island of Tristan Da Cuhna in the South Altlantic this week. I don't know how I've gone so long without reading about this place that claims to be the most remote island in the world. I need to go there. It's 1500 miles from Africa and 1700 miles from South America, and you can only get there by boat, a very infrequent one at that. There's no airport there, the waters are so rough that the local fishermen take there boats out of the water everyday (only 1 in 5 days is calm enough to fish), and there's a volcano. What else do you need? 
     I think I'd like to visit Tristan Da Cuhna and write a song, as places can be very inspirational. I've got schools of trout, remote islands, beautiful months, and tubas bouncing around in my head for song ideas (yeah, I know the tuba bit seems random and it is, and has little to do with the rest of that stuff). So to keep you on the edge of your seats, I'll post a rough demo of the next song I write, especially if it's about any of the above. 

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