Judgement Day!

Hello all,

I had a beautiful day today. I sailed my little boat out to Damariscove Island, and preserve island owned by the Boothbay Region Land Trust. They're a great organization, check them out. I had intended to motor out, spend a couple of hours exploring the island, then sail in a leisurely fashion back. Well, the best laid plans, right? I got tired of listening to the motor after about 15 minutes and the wind was more plentiful than the weatherpersons had predicted, so I shut 'er off, hoisted the sails, and set a course for the island. My crew was one blonde mutt, a mix of Lab and Retriever, who generally enjoys sailing. He is of little help hoisting sails, steering the vessel, or scrubbing the decks. Among other things, I took along my bluetooth speaker and a few tunes on the phone. It was the first time I had listened to music on the boat and it was pleasant. I feel the need at this point to thank U2 for the free album that appears on your iTunes whether you want it or not. I gave it a listen and I really enjoyed it. It's the first U2 album I've owned since Rattle and Hum, even though I have seen them in concert. 

So I said it was judgement day, right? So first judgement is that I like the U2 album. I did not enjoy the mutt singing along. I enjoyed the gentle breeze that propelled my little vessel in a very easy tack right out to the harbor. I did not enjoy the mutt peeing in the cockpit (twice), dropping a deuce in cabin, or singing along with the music, the whole time, even when the music stopped. 

Upon arrival at Damariscove, I discovered a really neat small harbor where a group of rather expensive looking yachts were rafted up next to each other and the occupants were well on their way to the joyful bliss of intoxication. Their clothes broadcast country club chic, the glances cast aspersions on this rather hairy fellow and his dog in an old, small sailboat. I tied up to a wharf only to be reminded by signs that dogs were not permitted on the island due to its fragile ecosystem. Whoops, bad on my part. I did need to use the facilities, though, so I climbed the wharf and headed up the path. Before I could take care of the business at hand, I hear desperate yelling from the harbor about my dog being in the water. I ran down the path to find the mutt swimming towards me, happily, while the "rafters" were all having conniptions and freaking out in general. I got the mutt back on the boat, secured him below decks, and completed what I'd set out to do. I ate a quick snack and decided to head out of the harbor after continuing to get dirty looks down noses, and the mutt continued to sing. 

We had an uneventful sail back, if the shear beauty of sailing is to be called uneventful. The mutt took a break below decks, I took a break from the mutt in the cockpit, did some fishing, and listened to a little more music. 

So I said this was about judgement, right? I am trying not to be judgmental of the "rafters". The dog is a water dog, I think he can swim. Actually, I know he can swim. I'm trying not to judge them by the disdain they showed because, I'm assuming, my ratty shorts and old boat were not up to their standards. I'm trying not to judge them by the fact that those little ankle biting "dogs" they have are not actual dogs but fru-fru cats who do not get any respect from me. I'm trying not to judge, but I am. 

Music falls into this category, too. "Classical" music is frequently presented as this high-brow excellent music that is somehow better than rock and roll. It isn't. Rap is looked down upon as a lesser form of music because there is little melody. Music is music and we should all embrace whatever we like and respect what we don't.

Now respect comes in different forms. I will never truly respect nuevo "country" as anything but "pop with a southern accent", or to quote Tom Petty, "bad pop with a fiddle". It's crappy stuff being used simply to sell cowboy trucks and pick-up hats. I also have a hard time respecting anyone that presents "classical" music as something on a higher plane that rock and roll. Handel is repetitive, so are many rock songs. Beethoven killed himself by drinking, just like many rock stars. Musicians are musicians and music is music. 

Do I care what you listen to? I'm interested but I don't expect you to stop listening to your favorite music because I don't like it. Perhaps we can share information on the music and give it some more depth. Maybe we can just listen to it together and open our ears to something new.

So to judge or not to judge? Yes, judge. Form opinions, but be kind, be open, be embracing. If you're going to raft up, raft up with people who won't judge and be mean. I may not have the money or desire to have a boat like the rafters, and I never see myself wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants whilst relaxing on my boat, but I'll never look down my nose at anyone. At least I'll remind myself not to. I'll also remind myself to teach the dog how to use a mop.

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