Dusting off ye ol'blog...

     Hello all. It's been few months since I posted anything. I'm getting ready to do some gigs and it feels good, like a spring awakening if you will.

     I've had some interesting events happening to me lately and I'm ready to move on to a new stage in my life. I'm not sure what exactly it will look like, but it will be something good. I've been working on some songs that are rekindling some energy that I haven't felt in awhile, I'm gearing up to perform more, and I like the way I sound. I've found a great acoustic spot in my house and the guitar and voice just blend and resonate in the space in a way that makes it hard to put them down. 

     So for my next stage, I need some input. I've been considering doing a Patreon page. Patreon is a cool service where Patrons can subscribe to an artists YouTube or Vimeo page and pledge a certain amount of cash for each bit of content that the artist puts out there. In return, the Patron gets the content, and special gifts from the artist. I guess it's kind of like cloud funding. I find it amazing that there are enough people out there willing to support artists in such ways. Would you consider becoming a Patron? Please comment below, I'm really curious. Most of the content I watch that uses Patreon are videos about people sailing. My vision for content would not necessarily be sailing, but music content. It would be a great tool to encourage me to write more songs and, more importantly, share more songs. 

     As a final thought for this post, I feel the need to comment on our society in general. I find it amazing that people support each other, and genuinely care for each other. I find it amazing because at the same time so many other people don't. So many people are self-obsessed narcissists that they don't get to experience the joy of community, and community support. If you're reading this, do me a favor. Put down your smart-phone or tablet or whatever, and go knock on your neighbor's door. Say hello, share a beverage, or a song, or just a conversation. It's up lifting, it's authentic. Pet their dog, or their horse, or their llama if you are so lucky, and take a few minutes to connect. Tell people you care. Maybe it's what makes us human, I don't know, but I really appreciate my community, and my friends. I suspected they cared about me before, but now I know. With all of the bad going on in the world, especially things we can only hope to change, community fills in the void, shines light on the dark, breaks the mirrors of the narcissists (without the whole 7 years of back luck thing). Cheers.