Story Tellers

All of my favorite songwriters are storytellers, Tom Petty, Arlo Guthrie, Jimmy Buffett, and many others. I've been working on doing more storytelling in my songs over the years. I'm about to embark on a songwriting theme. The first time I've ever tried to intentionally write instead of just letting it come to me. I met Dar Williams a couple of weeks ago and she said some interesting things about song writing that I'm taking to heart. The message I got above all was that I shouldn't be afraid to write a bad song. As many of you know, I'm not, so it's good to hear that I should be writing more and perhaps throwing more out? I feel the need to spend more time writing and I'm going to. 

So what's all this mean for fans out there? I'm planning to record a new album within the next year or so. I have some more writing to do and I need to fund the recording. Please let me know if you recommend any recording studios. I'm looking to do a really professional job on this on and record some really cool stuff. I'm proud of the writing I've done over the last couple of years and I really want to share it. Hope to hear from you!