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      So I know this blog is usually about music but today I shall take a side track. As a singer, I truly believe that fitness is one of the single most important things you can do to be a better singer and musician. Everyone who knows me may now laugh. I had been running pretty religiously there for awhile but I got busy doing something else. I spent the summer working as a mason tender, an incredibly physical job. I have built quite a bit of muscle in places I hadn't before. Because the work was so physical, I stopped running. I'd be beat at the end of the day, thinking that I had exercised all day at work. 
     Another activity I love is mountain biking. I went for a short ride on Sunday and discovered that I was a bit out of shape. To remedy that, I decided yesterday to visit Kingdom Trails in Vermont and bike for about 30 miles. I only wrecked once, which is pretty good for me. I learned something else. While the trails were nice, I don't need to drive to Vermont to mountain bike. The trails right here around Farmington are pretty good and getting better, Carrabasset Valley has some great trails, and I hear the Bond Brook in Augusta is pretty good, too. I've ridden some in the Kennebec Highlands and loved it. 
    So here's my point. Keep it local, music, biking, and exercise just a bit so you can be a better musician. Also, could someone please explain to me why mountain bike videos on Youtube always use techno beats as the backround music? Drives me nuts. Use some AC/DC, maybe some ZZ Top, something other that that techno crap....

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