Jack Dalton....

     I have been a fan of the real MacGyver since I was small. I remember watching the show with my father, much to the chagrin of my older siblings because they thought MacGyver was cheesy and uncool. I saw MacGyver and thought," Wow, that's what I want to be when I grow up!" Well, I haven't grown up yet but I still love the idea of being a MacGyver. Some people who know me well might say that I get close on occasion. 
     There's another character on MacGyver that I might also emulate. That character would be Jack Dalton, MacGyver's up-to-no-good, scheming, get-rich-quick friend. Whenever Jack appears, MacGyver knows they'll be some ridiculous trouble that he could avoid by simply saying no to Jack and walking away. MacGyver never does, though. He stands by Jack and they help each other out of whatever hot water Jack has gotten them into. 

     Jack has some redeeming qualities. He has a great sense of humor, he's loyal to MacGyver, he's an excellent pilot, and his left eye blinks uncontrollably when he's lying. 

     So how do I emulate Jack? Well, I have a great sense of humor, I'm loyal to MacGyver, and I have dreams of being a pilot one day, or at least a boat captain. I have dragged a certain cousin into some interesting adventures, usually in a canoe or a boat, or attempting to use a plow truck as a makeshift crane (he actually looks a little like MacGyver, come to think of it..). I've spent a night adrift in a small boat with some friends, stuck in the fog. I've played practical jokes that haven't gone over so well. 

     Maybe the Jack connection isn't as strong as I thought it was when I started this. The real question is, do you have a Jack Dalton? Are you someone's Jack Dalton? I certainly hope the answer is yes to both those questions. 

     Jack is a good friend and MacGyver comes running when Jack calls. I know I've had some Jacks in my life and I'm grateful for them. I know I've been a Jack many times and I'm grateful for my MacGyvers. 

     Take a few minutes and think about who are your Jacks and who are your MacGyvers. I think it might surprise you to find that you have both and you are both.

     Also, the original theme to MacGyver is so much better than the one they started using around season three with all the synthesizers. I'd like to think Angus MacGyver would prefer real music to synthesizers.

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