Hello all. I've been planning and thinking about my upcoming monthly story about my songs. I was doing some work on the website and on my new Reverbnation site ( and the memories were coming back to me. SOme of the songs on my album date back to college, some to my mid and late 20's, a time that wasn't that long ago but seems pretty far off.

I've always loved how music can make me remember a very specific time and circumstance. I know I'm not alone on this one. I remember my clock radio in elementary and middle school waking me up to some pretty awful pop music of the day. I can listen to Green Day and Weezer and instantly be transported back to the garageband of my high school days (well, we never practiced in a garage but back room in drummer's parent's house band doesn't have the same ring). I can still picture the places I lived in college when I wrote some of those songs, songs that express emotions that seem almost frivolous to my current self. Yet there are a couple of songs there that hit the same spot with me today as when I wrote them.

The fact of it is, this album has taking years to make and finish. I have other work I'd like to record but I don't feel like I'm done with this material yet. Give it a listen, download some tracks, buy the album. I hope you're not done with it. I hope you listen to this stuff and it creates images and memories for you. I hope it makes memories for you that you'll cherish and enjoy like it has for me. And yes, I just used the word cherish in my blog. I apologize....